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Universal Institute of Professional Management – UIPM collaborated with Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS) has earned its strong academic reputation globally, since its founding in 2005. We have upheld a rigorous commitment to the professional development. Thousands of professionals discover their intellectual passion through AIMS’ academic programs. Our students come from all over the world, and same quality of educational resources and faculty support is available to them.

Our work is to inspire, challenge and question ourselves as co-inhabitants of the world, to ask the questions we all struggle to find answers to and to find sound knowledge, intuition and wonder in our search for solutions. Academy for International Moderns Studies (AIMS) offer a variety of professional certificate, master diploma and degree programs ( MBA and PhD) in the area of Supply Chain Management, Project Management & Islamic Banking and Finance.

AIMS Accreditation

The Islamic finance market has grown by a factor of six in the last decade, due to its strong transparency and the real concept of profit and loss sharing. Recruiters are observing 70 per cent growth in demand for skilled professionals, in both Muslim and Non-Muslim countries. With the understanding of market needs, AIMS designed the Masters in Islamic banking and finance online program in 2008, to produce top executives for the Islamic finance market. This MBA Islamic finance degree has a proven track record for presenting candidates with a desire to succeed. Graduates present solid skills and perform leading roles to establish and manage Islamic finance companies. Masters in Islamic finance studies keeps a holistic balance between theory and practice, and students learn to implement their studies into the real world.

Educational Association for Universities and Colleges-EAUC

United Nations Ecosoc, Number EAUC 622132. EAUC is a strong alliance of universities and colleges, sector bodies and commercial organisations, working together both in the UK and internationally. With the number of Member contacts using our services and information each year increasing, and the recognised hub of sustainability best practice in the tertiary education sector.

With over 200 universities, colleges and learning and skills organisations as members, EAUC is leading the way in bringing sustainability to the business management and curriculum of institutions across the UK and Ireland, and further afield.Please select the education institution you belong to from the dropdown list.