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UIPM is Global Managing, Global Education, Global Students and is Affiliated to Edx Global Program. Universal Institute of Professional Management (UIPM) is a higher education Institution recognized accredited by UAPCU – Universal Association of Professional Colleges and Universities, combining the best elements of international standards of higher education by offering high quality education.

NAP EDEN (Network of Academics and Professionals European Distance and E Learning Network)

Our Institution is consistently assessed on various parameters by the representative of Coursera for Quality adherence of International Standards for it’s programs as well as undergo various knowledge enhancing opportunities with Coursera and EDEN for faculty development led by Prof.Mohammad Sameer Hasan. He, who is our Global Programs Director, also serves as Mentor/Leader on Coursera as well as Steering Committee Member of NAP EDEN (Network of Academics and Professionals European Distance and E Learning Network). Our Institutional members and students enjoy various training and knowledge exchange sessions at EDEN including a chance to publish and exhibit Doctorate dissertation at PHD Symposium of EDEN at it’s Annual Conference.

United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Universal Institute of Professional Management pursues excellence in teaching, student achievement and satisfaction in a continually improving academic environment. The University aims to become the leading tertiary institution in the world, recognized for its outstanding contribution to teaching, learning and research. Our recent pledge as signatory of United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals is a reflection of our Strategy, Policies integrated for environmentally conscious culture.

The Universal Institute of Professional Management campuses offer students the opportunity to earn high quality education through our winning approach of combining practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge by collaborative immersion programs and learning by doing approach at a very low cost. Universal Institute of Professional Management aims to offer students the chance to boost their knowledge and personal skills, advance their careers and build the lives they are dreaming of, keeping discipline, integrity, and honesty at the forefront.

Universal Institute of Professional Management offers fully online program as well as programs offered through blended learning at one of its campuses and learning centers . Blended learning students have full, access to digital libraries and study material, plus the added benefits of face-to-face teaching sessions, attendance of public lectures and professional presentations, as well as participation in a host of social activities.

The quality assurance undergone studies program:

  • Associate’s degree 1 – 2 years
  • Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree 2 – 3 years
  • Graduate Master’s degree 1 – 2 years
  • Post Graduate Doctoral degree 2 – 3 years

It’s programs enjoy international recognition, and are aimed at training world-class leaders to develop a generation of innovative thought thinkers through online and distance learning mode (Independent Study) administered by Learning Management System (LMS) and Faculties :

  • · Economics and Management Sciences
  • · Education and Teaching
  • · Engineering, Built Environment, IT and Multimedia
  • · Health Sciences
  • · Humanities
  • · Law
  • · Natural and Agricultural Sciences
  • · Theology and Religion

We also recognize and conduct study Programs of higher Professional Value: 

Professional Certifications, Specialization Certifications, Post Graduation Certification Program as well as UIPM Project Network Courses.  Besides, we also have various Centers, Consultancy & CSR initiatives led by Coordinators of each center which in turn is led by Global Programs Director, aimed to inculcate our values of care and proficiency at Institutional and professional level.

Professional Centers: 

  • Centre of Entrepreneurship
  • Center of Project Management
  • Center of Nonprofit & Governance
  • Center of Leadership Development
  • Center of Continuing Education, Professional Development